Friends Of 7 Online Gambling Affiliate Program

Friends of 7 is an up-to-date gambling affiliate program. It offers multiple business arrangement options, bringing two great casino brands for our potential partners to promote. We work with webmasters from all over the world, regardless of their websites’ traffic capabilities. No matter how many visitors you can provide, you are welcome within our affiliate club.

7 Gods Casino – an MGA-licensed cutting-edge casino with an authentic thematic dressing. Players are introduced to the world where various mythologies clash and gods of different pantheons patronize players as the latter gamble for fortune. The casino brings a revolutionary clan-based ranks advancement system wherein each pantheon-clan provides its adepts with special bonuses. 7 Gods Casino hosts about 1,5 thousand games, conducts promotions, offers bonuses and cares for players with the maximum attention. This website mainly targets Western Europe, especially Scandinavia. Available currencies are USD, Euro, GBP, NZD, SEK and NOK and this number is going to grow. Actually, any webmaster can be proud to be an affiliate of whichever online gambling affiliate program representing such an iGaming pearl!

Slotage Casino – a Curacao-licensed online casino targeting CIS-countries and Eastern Europe. It takes the players on a journey from one legendary city to another on their way to sacred treasures. Wide range of games, generous bonuses and promotions, considerable VIP-features and great customer service – all is here. Be advised, it often proves to be more beneficial for affiliates to advertise all the offered brands at once.

Be advised, it often proves to be more beneficial for affiliates to advertise all the offered brands at once.

Revenue Share model implies variable commission plans ranging from 5% to 50%; or it can be 5% - 50% if you have the nerve for negative carryover. CPA deals let you earn a certain fixed amount of money for either player signing up at our casino or making his or her first deposit. The maximum CPA within Friends of 7 program is €100.

Hybrid Deals are also available – they are to be independently negotiated. We do not practice off-plan deviations on regular basis, but if it appears reasonable - we are open to ad hoc arrangements. We don’t violate our own principles when we do so, because it is our number one principle – to meet our partners halfway!

Don’t forget, that our gambling affiliate network features sub-affiliation benefits, meaning that each partner to bring other affiliate to the program gets 5% from the child-generated net revenue.

Various media we use for advertising our brands include both static and animated banners, html5 materials, landing pages etc. You will get full access to our automatically updated media storage as soon as you register as a partner.

We look forward to providing our partners with exclusive offers e.g. free spins or no-deposit bonuses that players will only receive if they end up at our casinos after following your referral link of all others.

It is understood, that working within gambling site affiliate programs has its specificity. In order to help you derive the best benefit from promoting our online casinos, we would like to share with you our knowledge of the industry’s finer points. Regularly check on the news page on Friends of 7 website for tips, hints and know-how – we continuously update this section.

We practice legal and secure collaboration. If you are looking for a reliable partnership – take your time, delve into the nuances – it’s worth it, as you are most certainly looking at one of the best gambling affiliate programs of the present day.

Our Advantages

CPA up to €100

Increased payments for each first deposit of the reduced player in the Cost Per Action model can make you seriously think about which commission model to choose. Survey all the pros and cons and make your choice based on the quantity and quality of the traffic you provide.

up to 50% Revenue Share

We offer an above-average revenue share and it is up to you, how exactly big it is going be for you. The higher quality of your traffic is, the greater your share grows up to 50%. And no negative carryover!

Timely payments

You won't be on tenterhooks waiting for your money for we settle with our partners promptly. By the 5th day of the next month we transfer you your current month earnings. The minimum amount for the payout is €50

Reliable reporting

Not only you can check your current balance and see how much have you earned last month and previous months but you can also monitor individual deposits and wins by the players you've brought.

Providing Postback

If you need a postback, we shall apply this setting to your affiliate account. Postback is provided with S2S (server-to-server) technology. Within postback settings you can easily set all required variables.

Regularly updated creatives

In order to promote Friends of 7 group brands you’ll be given access to various JPEG, GIF, HTML5 banners and landing pages as soon as you sign-up. We regularly update the media in the most inventive manner for our mutual profit.

Adapted brands

We only offer our partners to promote brands well-adapted for the respective markets such as Western Europe or CIS countries. Any affiliate is allowed to promote all our brands simultaneously which can turn out to be a very profitable approach to partnership.

In order to start promoting the brands of the group Friends of 7, please register

A letter with activation of your account will be sent to the mail specified by you. After activating the partner account, a representative of Friends of 7

If you could not register, please contact our partner program manager: