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Revenue Share - partner earns 25-60% of online casino’s revenue.

СРА - partner gets a fixed amount of money for every FTD (First time deposit) or registration (CPL) up to 200$/€/£.

Hybrid deal - partner works on Revenue Share + CPA basis.

Revenue Share commission terms:

Each affiliate is being offered to choose between two types of initial collaboration deals:

  1. 25-60%* Revenue Share without negative carryover**

    *- percentage can be negotiated on an individual basis in case of large traffic amounts and traffic’s high quality. Employing Pay Per Click models for landing clients as well as providing the group with theme-related traffic is sufficient grounds for starting collaboration with higher Revenue Share rate (up to 60%).

    **- negative balance occurs when partner’s players win more than they lose. This is due to the fact that casino shares with its partner revenue, not deposits amount. These two concepts should not be confused. Revenue is difference between player’s deposits and player’s wins. Therefore, a lucky player is capable to bottom partner’s balance and even lower it beyond zero. Negative carryover is transferring of partner’s negative amount to the next month balance. This doesn’t happen within the current commission plan. Only positive balance lesser than minimum commission amount (which is $/€/£ 50) is carried over to the next month.

  2. 50-60%* Revenue Share with negative carryover.

    *- percentage can be altered on an individual basis under proper amount and quality of partner’s traffic.

    The calculation period for each partner is set as 1 month by default. Partners’ monthly earnings are being credited to partners’ accounts till the 5th day of next month.

    Minimum partner commission to be paid is $/€/£ 50. If this amount of commission is not reached by the end of the month - the remaining amount automatically goes to partner’s next month balance.

    All clients landed to any of our casinos by any of our partners are forever assigned to this very partner within Friends of 7 affiliate program. Thereafter all the money players leave in casino will make an affiliate balance higher, assuming that the partner fulfills his or her obligations without doing any financial or reputational damage neither to our group’s casinos nor to the affiliate program.

Monthly Revenue Share payouts to partners are unlimited which makes a perfect motivation for affiliates. The longer you collaborate with Friends of 7 and the more players you bring, the higher your personal earnings are.


In order to work with CPA commission partner firstly has to pass a revenue share test period which takes 5-10 FTDs (quantity and RS percentage are negotiated with partner). Revenue share set for partner’s test period is 50%. After traffic is reviewed affiliate program representative takes decision on commencing collaboration.

Friends of 7 affiliate program can offer a CPA model with up to $/€/£ 200.

In any CPA deal both parts are to set baseline (sufficient condition needed for a lead to be paid). Baseline terms depend on CPA amount directly. For more details please contact your affiliate program manager.

Hold (traffic review and payout period) for CPA commission to be paid is 14 calendar days.

To set commission amount and baseline, please contact your affiliate program representative.