Pantheons are going to clash!

7 Gods Casino is coming soon

The first Friends of 7 Partners Group brand, 7 Gods Casino ( is going online soon. The final preparations are currently being done and all the required tests are running at full tilt.

Recalling the peculiarities of 7 Gods Casino, it is essential to mention the clan system which distinguishes this project among the other online casinos.

7 Gods Casino revolutionary concept of the player’s promotion grows far beyond VIP-levels although it starts out with them. You be the judge, all the players climb the loyalty program ladder patronized by one of the seven available pantheons: Hellenic, Nordic, Egyptian, Hindu, Aztec, Slavonic and the Far-East pantheon. Players choose their pantheons as they register at the casino. Each of the deific gatherings provides its special kind of bonuses. The Aztec gods, for example, give players a comps points obtaining booster, while the inhabitants of Valhalla grant punters monthly free spins bonus. As a player advances from a newbie to a premium-level VIP client, (s)he passes through the custody of seven particular gods of the selected mythology ending up as an honored agent of the pantheon’s paramount deity, reinforced by the full-powered bonus of the respective type.

Forty nine gods within seven pantheons, provided with descriptions and pieces of supporting myths, authentic visual dressing and overall stylization of the website guarantee an unprecedented experience of the journey through the world of ancient mythical characters and events. Unlike one might think the clan system does not complicate the user experience since unsophisticated and speedy players can easily disregard all the distinctive hallmarks of 7 Gods Casino by skipping them quickly. The question is why would anyone do that?