Affiliate duties

  1. As an affiliate you agree to promote the Partners Group’s ( brands ( and Promotion of websites is carried out by placing advertisements, banners on websites, sending promotional materials via e-mail or any other means of communication.

  2. In order to become an official group’s affiliate you have to register and to follow all the rules of the Group’s affiliate program.

  3. An affiliate has to use only approved content for promotional purposes. The usage of unapproved content may result in termination of the contract between the Affiliate and the Group. Which content is suitable or unsuitable is defined by the Group’s officials on their own discretion.

  4. An affiliate is fully responsible for his\hers website, its operation and all the content that is posted on the website. An affiliate should always be insured that all the posted content is not libelous, false or illegal. In case such inappropriate content is posted on affiliate website, the Partners Group reserves the right to disclaim all liability for affiliate website content and an affiliate will pay all the damages caused by placement of illegal or libelous content.

Usage of promotional materials and links

  1. All materials used for brand promotion have to be supplied by the Group and properly tagged. Affiliates can also use advertorials and make personal endorsements but only after the official approval of the content by the Group’s officials.

  2. An affiliate is not eligible to make changes to any promotional materials without the Group’s permission.

  3. All the affiliates agree to obtain the banners, text links and promotional materials from the official Group’s source. The materials can be placed on the affiliate’s website, utilized within e-mail, shared through direct marketing using affiliate’s URL or via printed editions. The above-mentioned methods can be used by affiliate for promotional purposes.

  4. An affiliate must not place banners and links within unauthorized postings, unsolicited e-mails, in chat rooms or by using internet bots. All the illegal and improper traffic will not be counted and may result in closing of the affiliate’s account.

  5. The agreement between the Group and an affiliate will be immediately terminated in case the affiliate uses spamming, false advertisement or discredits the brand in any other way.

  6. The affiliate is not authorized to make any claims, warranties or representations of the brands as well as binding the brands to any obligations on his\her own discretion.

  7. The syntax of the hypertext and appearance of the links that are provided by us are designed intentionally and they can’t be changed in any way.

  8. The Group reserves the right to retract your commissions any fraudulent activity is caused by a person who has gained access to our websites via the links placed by an affiliate. The final decision concerning retracting your commissions will be made by the Group’s officials. In case we have reliable evidence, that the affiliate is aware of the fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to retain all the payments. In case the affiliate wasn’t aware of the harmful traffic that was a result of his\her actions, we reserve the right to withhold fees from the affiliate’s account.

  9. Spamming of any kind is strictly prohibited. Any affiliate convicted of spamming will be banned from affiliate program. It is restricted to send any links to and websites except for those links that are provided by Group’s officials. (i.e.

  10. Affiliates cannot sign up or deposit to any account in order to increase their fees in any way – directly or indirectly. Violation of this rule would also be considered as a fraudulent activity and the adequate measures will be taken.

Processing of conversions

  1. The affiliate’s major responsibility is to direct new customers to the Group’s websites.

  2. Every new customer should be properly tagged to be assigned to an affiliate. In case the tag is improperly placed on the affiliate site, even the following registration of the client may not be assigned to the affiliate. An affiliate is responsible for the correctness of all the links on his\her website.

Privacy policy

  1. The Partners Group takes over all the contact with a client from the moment of his\her visit to the website. In this case, an affiliate should act as a referring agent for the company. The Partners Group’s authorities reserve the right to refuse a client or to close a client’s account in order to comply with the Group’s policies.

  2. As soon as the client’s account is activated, all the client policies, rules and procedures listed in the agreement come into force.

  3. Under the agreement, as an affiliate, you will be receiving confidential data relating to the company, inner operations, our clients and affiliate program. This information must not be disclosed to any third parties unless the company gives you a written consent for disclosing certain data.

Legal Responsibility

  1. All the Partner Group’s own content, data, client’s personal information, information considering affiliates and affiliate programs, websites or the company itself is considered the company’s property and can’t be owned by an affiliate under no circumstances.

  2. Affiliate’s website, its maintenance and conformity to legal norms is the affiliate’s sole responsibility. As an affiliate you agree to operate, develop your website and all the content that is located on it.

  3. As an affiliate you agree to bear responsibility for any negative effects that can cause damage to the Partners Group as a consequence of your website’s development, operation, maintenance, content and to indemnify any damages made.

  4. An affiliate is responsible for correct tagging and linking to guarantee the correct customer’s tracking procedure.

  5. An affiliate is responsible for the representation of the Partners Group’s brands’ banners and content on the website in accordance with the prescriptions provided by the Partners Group.

  6. An affiliate is responsible for maintaining his\her website in accordance with the current legislation and copyright law.

  7. Any terms of this agreement can be changed at any time in our sole discretion. Any changes will be followed by a change notice that will be posted on our website. The changes may relate to referral fees, fee schedules, payment procedures and any other affiliate program terms. In case any of the new terms is unacceptable for you, your affiliate account may be closed. To shut down your affiliate account you need to right a notification to In case you continue to participate in the affiliate program after the changes were posted on the website, you confirm your acceptance with the new rules.

  8. Any kind of spamming is strictly prohibited. The Partners Group brands’ advertising should be conducted using only fair, non-suggesting methods. In case an affiliate starts using spam techniques for attracting new clients, his\her account will be frozen and the case will be investigated. All the losses caused by the breach of the rules will be compensated with the funds that are available on the affiliate’s account. In case the expenses caused by affiliate’s activity are not sufficient to cover all the expanses, the company reserves the right to confiscate the affiliate’s commission payments that will be generated through the affiliate’s website until the debt is paid off.

  9. According to our affiliate program policy, both, an affiliate and the company, are independent contractors and the relationships between the sides cannot be considered partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship. For both sides it is not acceptable to claim being in mentioned-above relationships.

Terms of agreement and Termination of the affiliate account

  1. The agreement between the sides comes into power as soon as the affiliate fills in the online form on the website and agrees with the terms of the company. The relationship between the parties lasts until one of the parties decides to terminate the agreement. In order to terminate the agreement, either of the parties has to send the written notification about the agreement break. Termination can be done by either side for any reason and at any time the party decides to do so. The delivery of the e-mail ends up the relationship between the parties immediately.

  2. As soon as the relationship between the parties ends:

  3. An affiliate is obliged to remove all the banners and all the links from his\her website

  4. All the rights and all the licenses given by the company will be terminated immediately

  5. An affiliate has the right to collect all the referral fees that were earned until the moment of agreement termination unless the termination of agreement is a result of the affiliate’s breach of the agreement terms

  6. In case an affiliate fails to fulfill any of the abovementioned obligations, the company reserves the right to withhold the referral fees payments

  7. The final payment can be delayed by the company for a reasonable time in order to double-check the fulfilment of all the affiliate’s obligations

  8. Any revenues received from clients after the end of the agreement will not constitute the renewal of the agreement between the sides

  9. The affiliates are obliged to return all the confidential information and all the Partners Group’s intellectual property after the termination of their agreements is finalized. The intellectual property list includes trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos and other designations of the Partners Group and its brands

  10. After the termination of the agreement, all the parties will be released from all the obligations that are listed in the agreement except for the obligations that are indicated as such that must be fulfilled after the termination in a reasonable time. Nevertheless, the termination of the agreement will not free an affiliate from the obligations that were caused by the breach or any caused damage

  11. The company may terminate the agreement at its own sole discretion is case an affiliate’s website is recognized as an unsuitable one. By “unsuitable” we mean: the one that is targeted at underage auditory, includes explicit sexual content, violent content, promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, or violates the laws concerning intellectual property.

Relationships between the parties

Both parties are considered independent contractors and the relationship between them isn’t regulated by any kind of the document that bears any legal force. The parties do nor form any kind of partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship. Both parties are not authorized to assert otherwise appealing to third parties.


An affiliate is obliged to defend the clients, online payment providers, any company’s employees and representatives from any negative outcomes, liabilities, losses, damages, and costs resulting from:

  1. Any breach of terms or an agreement that can be caused

  2. The incorrect performance of any affiliate duties that are listed in the agreement

  3. Any kind of negligence.


The company makes no guarantee concerning the referral fee payment arrangements (including functionality of the affiliate system, legality, course of performance and estimated productivity). Additionally, we can’t guarantee the uninterrupted performance of the company’s websites and we are not responsible for any errors that may happen on any website at any time.

Limitation of Liability

The company is not responsible for any indirect and consequential damages that may result in a loss of profit or data even if those damages were predicted in advance. According to the agreement, none of the third parties are eligible to demand any compensation for any loss or damage and none of the company’s official executives are obliged to cover any personal expenses and damages of affiliates or any third parties.

Recognition of Terms

By expressing the desire to participate in our affiliate program you acknowledge that you have read all the terms and conditions of the agreement and you except all the paragraphs of the agreement. You also acknowledge that the company may terminate the agreement or make any changes to the agreement at any time and on its sole discretion. Also you understand that participation in this affiliate program does not oblige any of the parties with any kind of legal contract or guarantee.

Acknowledging of Agreement

By having read the terms and conditions and confirming them in affiliate sign up form you are acknowledging all the terms and conditions that are listed above. reserves the right to withhold payment from any affiliate that violates any of the terms and conditions contained herein.